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Abington Magician Eddy Ray is the busiest magician in town and all of Pennsylvania! The reason his magic shows in Abington are so popular is because Eddy knows what makes kids laugh and smile. Imagine this Abington magician holding your child and their friends spellbound during their birthday party!

Eddy Ray is the top magician in Abington and can help you create a memorable party by offering incredibly unique and fun magic shows that will be remembered for time to come! He offers magic shows that can be catered to entertain children from 3 years and up! Most magicians in Abington perform the same tricks and show no matter the age of the children. This is a huge mistake as the some children will become bored or loose attention quickly. Eddy Ray pays attention to details and makes your party a high priority.

Abington magician Eddy Ray has a wealth of experience and knowledge, so he certainly knows how to entertain all ages! By using visual magic tricks and incorporating funny comedy routines, lots of audience interaction, unique story-telling, and more, Eddy will have the entire audience engaged and having such a great time! In fact, many of the kids will be talking about the magic show long after the party is over!

This magician in Abington also makes sure to include the birthday child as the star of the magic show! This means your child will assist Eddy throughout the show by getting to hold props, wave magic wands, say magic words, and helping make the magic happen! This makes each birthday child feel special and lends itself to great photo opportunities! Talk about great MEMORIES!!

In addition to great magic shows for birthday parties in Abington, Eddy also has magic shows that are appropriate for child care centers, camps, scouts, block parties, and just about any type of event! Abington, PA magician Eddy Ray makes everything quite easy for you as he is reliable, arrives early, is easy to work with, and can easily be contacted.

To get more details on the magic shows this magician in Abington offers please contact Eddy Ray right now by calling toll free: 1-877-297-7252. You can also email him 24/7 : Email Now: . He’ll be more then happy to provide you with details and pricing for a magic show that will fit your event!

Please note that this magician in Abington performs over 20 shows a month, so many dates and times get booked up quickly. Don’t delay and wait.. contact Abington magician Eddy Ray right now for info and to reserve your time and date! Hire the best magic shows in Abington with Eddy Ray!

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