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This magician in  Ambler creates unique magic shows that are great for your child’s party, block party, school assembly, camp, scout banquet, or just about any event! Ambler magician Eddy Ray is a full time professional magician for kids and adults… find out what makes him the most in demand magician in Ambler, PA!

Ambler magician Eddy Ray offers personal and direct service. Unlike some magicians in Ambler, Eddy doesn’t use an agency or middle person.  Try avoiding magicians in Ambler because you’ll end up paying a higher fee (agency fee) and some of these organizations will just send any magician in Ambler to your event. This can be risky as you won’t know how well they will fit within your event.

Ambler magician Eddy Ray will communicate directly to you either by phone, email, or any method that you prefer to help plan out the magic show for your event! He pays attention to details and will give your party/event high priority! Aside from this, you know that Eddy Ray will be the magician coming to perform the show! What you see  is what you get with Ambler magician Eddy Ray!

Speaking of getting…. you get a professional show, which is catered to your event and will entertain and delight the proper age of the audience attending. Eddy can customize his shows and unlike some magicians in Ambler, he can perform both inside and out! Ambler magician Eddy Ray also mixes comedy routines, visual magic tricks, music, and a truck load of audience participation that will have your guests having the greatest time at your event!

Since this magician in Ambler, PA is in such high demand, performing over 30 shows a month, his schedule gets filled up very quickly. No matter what stage you’re at in planning the party or event, give Eddy an email or call and ask for free info. Ambler magician Eddy Ray will be happy to provide you full details on his magic entertainment packages including pricing, and availability.

What are you waiting for? Contact Ambler magician Eddy Ray now! Call toll free at 1-877-297-7252 or email him: .