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Best Kids Magicians in Hanover, PA For Hire: Certified Hanover Magician Eddy Ray

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This Hanover magician offers incredibly exciting, fun, energetic, and memorable magic show packages that will keep your guests smiling and having a great time, guaranteed! Hanover magician Eddy Ray can work directly with you to provide the best magic show solution for your party or event!

Why would you want to risk hiring magicians in Hanover who don’t have the experience and professionalism like Eddy. He’s truly the best solution for any event where you need to keep kids AND adults entertained! Why should you trust our opinion of this magician in Hanover, PA? Read below!

Here are the top 5 reasons to consider hiring this magician in Hanover PA.

  1. Performs full time and over 200 shows annually! He has the experience!
  2. Specializes in family friendly fun. Don’t risk hirinig another magician in Hanover without knowing if they have a magic show for the proper age of your guests!
  3. Hanover magician Eddy Ray is a member of the Certified Magicians Network and has met the strict criteria that many fail on.
  4. Unique magic show packages! These are not “off the shelf” magic shows and this magician in Hanover offers a selection of magic services to fit your event perfectly!
  5. Eddy Ray carries a child abuse clearance through the state of Pennsylvania. Don’t hire any magicians in Hanover without this!

So, there you have it! Five quick reasons why our magician in Hanover, PA is the best choice. We know hiring magicians in Hanover can be stressful but hopefully with this important information we’ve made the hiring process much easier for you.

Hanover magician Eddy Ray is available for parties and events in any venue and he can even come directly to your home to present his magic entertainment. For direct and personal service on how Eddy can help make your event memorable please contact him today!

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