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Email Now: recommends the #1 Magician in Havertown, Eddy Ray. Havertown magician Eddy Ray can help you make any event or party magical with family friendly magic tricks, hilarious comedy sketches, tons of audience participation, high energy music, and more!

What makes our Havertown magician the best in town? Simple: He offers a variety of family magic show options that will fit YOUR event. No longer do you have to get stuck with one type of magic show! Eddy Ray offers varying show lengths, and different kinds of magic which can enhance any party or event.

Our Havertown magician also performs well over 200 shows a year. What does this mean? First, it means he is incredibly busy. It also means he is in high demand! Havertown magician Eddy Ray performs for private events, schools, community organizations, scouts, camps, and more. Get the best and hire Havertown magician Eddy Ray for your next event!

Top 4 Reasons For A Magic Show in Havertown :

  1. Magic shows by Havertown magician Eddy Ray create memories!
  2. Everyone can enjoy the magic show! All ages!
  3. Unique! Makes Your Party or Event Stand Out!
  4. Magic shows can be performed just about anywhere; indoor and outdoor!

So, what kinds of magic does this magician in Havertown do? Eddy Ray specializes in magic that will make children and adults amazed and keep them laughing! Classic magic tricks are brought into the modern era during Eddy’s show. You won’t have to worry about any horrid costumes, cheesy 80′s music, and dirty props held together with duct tape! Lets be honest, some magicians in Havertown only perform part time are are stuck in the wrong decade!

Audiences want something new, fresh, and fun. Both children and adults will enjoy and appreciate the effort you made at finding Havertown magician Eddy Ray. If you’d like more detailed information on what Havertown magician Eddy Ray can offer you for that upcoming event, please contact him using the toll free number or email below.

Keep in mind this magician in Havertown Pennsylvania performs over 20 shows each month so date and times can disappear… literally! Don’t miss your chance at having the best magician in Havertown make your event memorable!!!

Call Us Now For Free Information & A Quote: 1-877-297-7252

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