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Email Now:  highly recommends Hershey Magician Eddy Ray for kids parties and events. Our recommendation is based on the fact that this magician in Hershey specializes in magic entertainment for the entire family, kids and adults! Eddy Ray is a full time professional who performs over 200 shows a year and unlike most magicians in Hershey, this is how he makes his living!

Here are three key features that put our magician in Hershey at the top!

  1. Hershey magician Eddy Ray offers different magic show options! This allows you to easily integrate magic into your event or party without having try and conform to just one option. Hershey, PA magician Eddy Ray can always create a custom magic show that will be the best solution for your event!
  2. Credibility and Insurance. Let’s face it, most amateurs and part-time magicians in Hershey do not carry liability insurance. Don’t risk hiring any magician in Hershey who doesn’t carry insurance! Keep your mind at ease knowing that our magician in Hershey carries full liability insurance. Regarding credibility, Eddy has been featured on various radio stations such as WEEU and Penn’s Peak Radio, and on television news stations like Fox43 and 6ABC. Our Hershey magician has experience and talent to help make your event shine.
  3. Personal contact. There are some businesses out there who work as agencies and when you book a magician in Hershey through them you will never be sure who exactly will be coming to perform the entertainment. You see, many of these “agencies” book the event and then they call around locally searching for a magician who is available for the date. There are many things wrong with this. First, they overcharge since they are taking a large cut and then paying the magician from the same monies. Second, the agency doesn’t check the background experience of the magician. You could end up paying for what you think is a professional act and then having an un-experienced magician show up at your door. Don’t run the risk of hiring a magician in Hershey through an agency. It can go bad very quickly! Thankfully, Hershey magician Eddy Ray works directly with each client through phone, email etc. to help create a memorable event. Even better, you know that Eddy Ray will show up on time and perform an amazing magic show for you and your guests!

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So there you have it, just a few keys showing why our magician in Hershey is the busiest and best solution for your upcoming event! Would you like to find out more information on Eddy Ray and contact him regarding your event? Simply call Hershey magician Eddy Ray toll free: 1-877-297-7252  or email him now:

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