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Kennett Square magician Eddy Ray is no stranger to family gatherings, children’s parties, scout groups etc. In fact, this magician in Kennett Square performs his incredible fun magic shows at events like this over 200 times a year! With this record and experience, there is no reason to hire any other magician in Kennett Square!

Eddy Ray performs magic shows full time and is in high demand! The main reasons this magician in Kennett Square is in high demand is simple!

  • Kennett Square magician Eddy Ray offers magical solutions that FIT your event!
  • His magic shows are age appropriate and can be catered for kids and adults!
  • Affordable, professional, and easy to work with which will leave you STRESS FREE!

Kennett Square magician Eddy Ray mixes incredible sleight of hand magic, visual illusions, hilarious comedy routines, tons of audience participation, and more to create a magical experience that your guests will be talking about well after the show and party has ended!

This magician in Kennett Square has performed for such organizations as: The Fox Family Channel, Make A Wish Foundation, JC Ehrlich, WEEU Radio, America’s Got Talent, and many more. Check out what just one of many happy clients for this magician in Kennett Square have to say!

“Eddy, Just wanted to thank you SO much for a wonderful day.  Nick and his friends kept talking about what a great magician you are and the looks on their faces were priceless.  Mostly, I am so happy because my son had the best birthday of his life today….he said so!!”

- Amy Cipolla – Party Mom

When hiring a magician in Kennett Square it is important to contact Eddy Ray sooner rather than later. Don’t miss your chance at having the best magician in Kennett Square come and make your event magical. Eddy’s schedule changes on a daily basis and the time slot you might want could easily disappear! So don’t hesitate, contact Eddy Ray for more information, magic show package pricing, and with any questions you may have.

Remember, please provide as many details regarding your event as possible including location, type of event, date, time etc!

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