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This incredible magician in Malvern, PA has created magic programs so dynamic and fun that people talk about it for months after the show is over! Eddy has performed for people all over the world and for such organizations as: Habitat For Humanity, The Make A Wish Foundation, Whirlpool Corporation, Home Depot, and many more!

If you’re searching for an experienced and professional magic entertainer Eddy Ray is the best solution! This magician in Malvern combines world class sleight of hand magic with funny bone tickling comedy, memorable audience participation, high energy music, and more!

Unlike other magicians in Malvern, Eddy can work directly with you to help cater and customize a magic show package for  your event. It doesn’t matter if it’s large or small, or if your guests are young or old, Eddy has the experience and know how to provide your guests with incredible first rate entertainment.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider this magician in Malvern over others in the area:

  1. Full Time Professional (Eddy has the experience and professionalism necessary for a successful event)
  2. Only Certified Magician in Malvern (He’s the only certified magician in the area and member of the Certified Magicians Network.)
  3. Customizable Magic Shows in Malvern (Eddy can create an entertainment package for your event. Don’t settle for only one option!)
  4. Direct and Personal Service from Malvern Magician Eddy Ray (Be wary of some businesses who can’t tell you who is going to perform the magic show! When you deal with Eddy Ray, he will be your magician)

This Malvern magician performs full time so many dates can get booked up well in advance. Contact this magician in Malvern immediately for further information and pricing details. You won’t be disappointed! Call 1-877-297-7252 or use the email or contact page found on this website.

Here is just one testimonial of many for Malvern Magician Eddy Ray:

“Hi Eddie, I would like to thank you for your service at Ryan’s birthday party on May 1st.   He had a Great time along with all the other children.  You brought joy to my son.   You were well organized and gave a great presentation for everyone.  Definitely will recommend you and keep you in mind for the future. Thanks again.”

- Jeff Toth


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